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August 16, 2011 from Alaska

Thank you for your prayers while Sara and I have been ministering at family camps in Alaska.  We just finished a Slavic camp at Little Beaver Lake, Alaska where God met us in a very special way.  There were many re-dedications to the Lord and the Lord used word of knowledge to release faith and the miraculous in healing.  Pastor Sergey’s son, David crushed his finger in an industrial accident on a construction site and was unable to move his finger for several days.  While praying for contractors in the group, the thought was triggered by the Spirit of God that Jesus was a Carpenter and His obedience to His father brought blessings.  About a half dozen carpenters stood up to be ministered to by the Lord.  The Lord gave me a  prophetic Word that if they were faithful to their Heavenly Father, God would bless them as a son and multiply their labors in Christ. David’s finger while being prayed for his job was healed and a hip injury that he had suffered due to a car accident some years ago were also healed.

The Lord spoke further that some of them would find warehouses of supplies that they would be able to purchase for pennies on the dollar and to keep an ear attune to heaven, for God would lead them to the right job at the right time, with the right skills.  The Holy Spirit spoke that these jobs would be a blessing to their families and to the family of God through their tithing and offerings. Read More

June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

Dear Faith Partners,

Thank you for holding our hands up in prayer during the heat of the battle.  The victories that were won were every bit as much yours as ours. I Samuel 30:24 “…But as his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies; they shall share alike.”

Sara is ‘batting’ a thousand on both of our railroad trips in the country of Ukraine and Russia.  She was able to lead the conductors of the train to the Lord.

I don’t know what it is about railroads and conductors, but in the last almost 20 years, every time we have taken a railroad trip in either Ukraine or Russia, God has given us the conductors in Salvation and other traveling passengers as our reward.

This trip has numerous break-throughs, in that we saw multiplied hundreds of decisions for Christ, hundreds of healings and many filled with the Holy Spirit.

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May 25, 2011

Dear Precious Faith Partners,

Sara and I have just returned from a very fruitful assignment in Panama.  Here, God gave us great favor on national television and radio and allowed us to connect with the fourteen major Chinese churches in the nation.  The miraculous of god was evident in every meeting through Salvation and healing.

Our entire focus presently is the nation of Ukraine where Lord willing, we will be returning on June 7th.  Coming to the Great commission Church for Sara and I is like coming home.  The Lord birthed this church under our watch in 1992 with 400 Jews that came to Christ and it has now expanded to 72 branch works, with 52,000 in membership in total throughout the Ukraine and Crimea.  Truly, Jesus Christ is the Master Builder of His Church.

As you may well be aware, the cost of printing has dramatically increased since 2007.  Bibles that used to cost us $2.00 are now costing us $4.00 each.  It is our hearts desire to purchase and deliver 5,000 fully, illustrated children’s Bibles which are available for a limited time at $3.00 each.

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May 13, 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

Sara and I are recovering from our last assignment to the Mid-West, East Coast and Panama.  Although the ministry time was hard on our bodies but our souls are refreshed.

Our hearts are overwhelmed with the lavish display of God’s mercy and grace.  As we are de-briefing and reflecting on the signs and wonders that God allowed us to witness, we thank you for your powerful involvement through prayer.  Multiplied scores of souls walked into the arms of Christ’s forgiveness through Salvation.  Hundreds of bodies were touched and healed by the virtue of the Stripes of Jesus Christ.  Many testified of their healing and what God did in their lives.

A government official danced among her peers as God healed both of her knees.  Another Panamanian business leader felt the release of pain from her head which had been continuous over the last two months due to a large tumor.  She is believing God with us that her next MRI will show that Jesus had made a ‘house-call’ and the tumorous growth died at the word of life from God. An unsaved lady came to Sara’s women’s meeting and it was revealed by the Holy Spirit that she had pancreatic cancer.  The cancer was smitten by a powerful anointing and prayer, but greater still was the salvation of this precious soul that found forgiveness through the blood of Christ.  Over fifty ladies gave their heart to Jesus Christ in this one particular meeting alone.

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May 6, 2011

Dear Precious Ones,

Lord willing we are planning to leave to minister in Ukraine in just a few weeks at the beginning of June.

Pray and believe with us regarding the needs for our orphanage in Ukraine.   We need full color illustrated, children’s Bibles which cost us approximately $3.00 each. We are believing God to purchase at least several thousand of these children’s Bibles. We are also believing God for the completion of the toilets in Nina’s orphanage which will cost us several thousand dollars.

We always like to leave food, non perishable supplies for the orphanages that we visit as food seems to be a constant shortage.  Seed for planting winter wheat and other late fall crops are always in need.  As we purchase these necessary ingredients, they are able to get in one more crop before the severe weather of Fall and winter hit.  Sacks of flour and rice are also greatly and desperately needed.  A 100 Kilo sack of flour costs us approximately $35.00 each and 100 kilo of rice costs us $40.00 per sack.

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May 2, 2011

Dear Faith Partners,

Thank you for your encouraging confirmation that you are in agreement with us while we are ministering in Panama. Thank you for your covering in prayer as it conquers the enemy ad looses the Hand of God.

The prophetic gift is powerfully rocking individuals and leaders in the Church here in Panama and what God promised to me before coming to Panama is coming to pass.  God told us that He would give us a voice to the nation and give us connection with Chinese people that would extend from Panama to China.  We just finished a three day international conference in a city called, “Chit-re” with guests attending from as far as Nicaragua and Costa Rica.   What moved our hearts the most is several of the indigenous pastors walked over 8 hours one way out of the mountains, into the arms of God at the conference.  The power of the Holy Spirit was so heavy as God  spoke prophetically into their lives.  They were slain in the  Spirit and God moved, releasing a new dynamic and destiny in their hearts.   It looked like a Holy Spirit “hand grenade” had hit the House.  Wave after wave of destiny and revelation were spoken into their lives.

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April 25, 2011

Dear Faith Partners,

WOW! What an Easter Sunday!   Here as we celebrate the Risen Lord on Easter in Panama, we are still reverberating with the presence of God that was manifested in God’s House.  When God makes a “House Call” in the midst of His people and speaks prophetically into their lives, these become life-changing encounters with the Risen Christ.

Here in Panama City, under the covering of Pastor Celio, God poured into His People a mighty anointing, especially the youth.  The Word was powerful but the prophetic Word of the Lord broke the yoke as God used us to impart a challenge and change the lives of His people.  The anointing was so strong that our interpreter received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at the close of the service.  Many sons and daughters of the Lord received the commission in the sending out to their sphere of influence and eventually to nations.

We are ministering to the leadership conference tonight and tomorrow and are praying for God’s boldness and a Word from Christ in Season.  Once again, the churches are being challenged to raise funds for Bibles for China and a realization has come that God has brought several hundred thousand Chinese to their nation for divine time and purposing in the earth.

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