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August 16, 2011 from Alaska

Thank you for your prayers while Sara and I have been ministering at family camps in Alaska.  We just finished a Slavic camp at Little Beaver Lake, Alaska where God met us in a very special way.  There were many re-dedications to the Lord and the Lord used word of knowledge to release faith and the miraculous in healing.  Pastor Sergey’s son, David crushed his finger in an industrial accident on a construction site and was unable to move his finger for several days.  While praying for contractors in the group, the thought was triggered by the Spirit of God that Jesus was a Carpenter and His obedience to His father brought blessings.  About a half dozen carpenters stood up to be ministered to by the Lord.  The Lord gave me a  prophetic Word that if they were faithful to their Heavenly Father, God would bless them as a son and multiply their labors in Christ. David’s finger while being prayed for his job was healed and a hip injury that he had suffered due to a car accident some years ago were also healed.

The Lord spoke further that some of them would find warehouses of supplies that they would be able to purchase for pennies on the dollar and to keep an ear attune to heaven, for God would lead them to the right job at the right time, with the right skills.  The Holy Spirit spoke that these jobs would be a blessing to their families and to the family of God through their tithing and offerings. Read More