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PANAMA: The Crossroads Between The AMERICA

PANAMA: The Crossroads Between The AMERICA

A small nation with a large destiny is the bridge between South and North America.  Its’ importance economically and geographically is dwarfed by its Spiritual significance in the heart of God for nations.  With approximately twenty five per-cent of the nation redeemed, its Spiritual presence plays a strong dramatic role as a beacon of light in a sea of Latin America’s Catholicism.  Churches like, Hosanna in Panama City broadcast to the nation via television and radio as well as host over 20,000 members in their church every week.  Hundreds of smaller churches dot the countryside, heralding the Good News of Jesus Christ.

On Passion Week before Easter, casinos are closed, liquor is not sold and Gospel music is often heard in public buildings and squares.  September is the month of the Bible where the entire month is given over to reading Scriptures out-loud in every major city, on television and on radio.  In the midst of all this outreach, there is a small splinter of society that has fallen through the cracks of concern that being the Chinese community which numbers over 200,000 in Panama.

The Chinese have recently received a contract to build a new set of Locks, twice the size of the existing Locks, deepen and dredge the tight turns in the 82 mile journey from The Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.  These Chinese workers under contract in a few short years will return back home, affluent and with great personal influence to their rural places of dwelling in Mainland China.  While they are at our door in the West, they are open to the Gospel and must be the target of our prayers and our Evangelism efforts.  It is the goal of Impact Ministries, in conjunction with local Panamanian and Chinese churches in Panama to reach these 200,000 potential missionaries to the nation.

For just $2.00, IMPACT MINISTRIES can place two full size New Testaments into the hands of Chinese in Panama that have never had the Gospel before.  This means for $20.00, the local churches in Panama can deliver twenty (20) New Testaments and follow it up with the Bible classes in the privacy of their homes, churches and via a two hour daily, Mandarin radio broadcast in Panama.  This is the latest burden of our heart for this great nation and these great people.  Strategically, the Trans-Panamanian Highway going west to East through Central America, crosses through the middle of Panama.  The Panama Canal going north to South over-laps this Trans-Panamanian Highway forming a geographical CROSS.  This natural symbol is an intersect point in the Spirit for a GREAT MOVE OF GOD which is about to happen.

People from all over Central and South America are recognizing a Sovereign stirring of God among the people of Panama.  Help us at IMPACT MINISTRIES be on the ground floor with the WORD (the BIBLES) and with a witness to what God is doing in this nation and through this nation.  Ships are backing up for more than three days, waiting their turn to pass through the Panama Canal.  Help us stir up a Chaplaincy core that will board these waiting ships, praying for the captain and the crew, giving out Bibles in their native tongue; thus encouraging evangelism through their faith to the Ports of the world.  All this is possible in God through your prayers and through your faithful giving.  Please believe with us for a mighty HARVEST OF SOULS, BOTH CHINESE,  PANAMANIAN and the NATIONS OF THE WORLD.

Co-Laborers Together in the Harvest,

Richard and Sara Michalski