About Us

Richard and Sara Michalski have been the directors of Impact Ministries International for 40 years. They have had the opportunity to travel the world and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to many nations; seeing thousands saved, healed, and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Richard and Sara are children of Polish and Russian World War II refugees. This heritage coupled with God’s calling gave them a passion to penetrate the Iron Curtain and begin an evangelistic ministry. As American citizens during the time of the Cold War, the Michalski’s had the unique advantage of a Slavic background, allowing them entrance into these closed lands. During this time of spiritual oppression the Michalski’s brought to America victorious reports of God’s

They have started thousands of churches that have been planted through their evangelistic outreaches. Richard and Sara have a heart to see God move in miraculous ways, in seeing the demonstration of the Holy Spirit; with healings, salvations, seeing people set free, and other miracles. Their ministry work is primarily in Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Panama, Mexico, and in the states.

Not only do Richard and Sara believe in the “preaching of the gospel” but understand the heart of God is to “take care of the widow and the orphan” Impact Ministries have shipped millions of pounds and dollars worth of medical supplies and humanitarian aid helping thousands of orphans and widows in Eastern Europe and Russia.