Our Family

We are blessed with four wonderful children who are serving God and one amazing grand daughter.

Jeremy and Nicole Michalski

Jeremy and Nicole currently reside in Southern California. Jeremy continues to work in the Special Events field with a large church and Nicole is teaching at a local preschool. Both Jeremy & Nicole look forward to being foster parents and having children of their own.

Jonathan and Heather Michalski

Jonathan & Heather are Youth Pastors at Christian Faith Center Assembly of God in Nampa, Idaho. They have been ministering together to the teens of the Treasure Valley for a little over two years. They have a daughter Grace who was born March of 2008 and are expecting a second child in February of 2012. They have a passions for missions both at home in the local schools and abroad. Jonathan also serves on the worship team as piano and keyboard player. Heather also serves in the women’s ministries at the church.

Leah Michalski

Leah is our only daughter who has always had a heart for hospitality and children’s ministry. Leah continues to work with children all over the world her heart for missions and children is seen in much of what she does. She currently is moving to Texas where she plans on going back to school for nursing.

Jason and Rachael Michalski

Jason and Rachael founded the Future Generation Project, a foundation solving childhood obesity. They also are actively involved in ministry at the City Church in Seattle, Washington. Jason is a gifted minister of the gospel, both Jason and Rachael believe that in order to transform culture building the local church is essential.