Russia and Ukraine

Impact Ministries has actively been involved in Russia and its Republics for over 40 years. Planting churches, seeing thousands saved, and releasing the Word of God, which through the hearing of Faith accomplishes miracles.

Amongst several partnerships in Russia and Ukraine, one example is our partnership with New Testament Church in Perm. Impact Ministries works in conjunction with The New Testament Church in Perm with Pastor Edik; our partnership with the Palace of Culture in Perm has helped them establish 346 churches in Russia, Siberia, Islamic Republics, Afghanistan and China within the last 15 years. They have a Bible School with approximately 165 students who after two years of training are sent to a church plant. Together with Pastor Edik we are able to planting, purchase Bibles, New Testaments for China and Russia; as well as help orphanages in the Perm Region.

We also have helped plant Great Commission Church in Kherson, Ukraine which reaches thousands and has planted hundreds of churches in the last 15 years. Our partnership with Great Commission helps us distribute bibles, and invest in orphanages raising up young people in the word while being nourished and given commodities that they need.